Welcome to Judi Moreillon's Presentation Archive

My goal is to support the professional development of preservice and practicing school librarians. I teach, research, and present keynotes, workshops, and conference sessions related to the instructional partner and leadership roles of school librarians.

I created this archive in October 2013 and am slowly linking my previous presentations to this wiki,most of which are linked to my curriculum vitae on my Web site.Thank you for your patience as I conduct this exercise in curation.Sincerely,Judi

You can access my main Web presence at Storytrail.com.I co-blog at Building a Culture of Collaboration at Edublogs.org,tweet @CactusWoman,and Facebook at judi.moreillon. Contact Judi Moreillon: info@storytrail.com
Last Update: 31 August 2016

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