Principals Know: School Librarians Are the Heart of the School

Demonstration Presentations for TWU Preservice Principals: What Every Principal Should Know about Evaluating a School Library Program and a School Librarian

Force Field Analysis:
Change/Need: To educate preservice and practicing principals

External Driving Forces

Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA): Need for recruitment to the profession
(See Building a Culture of Collaboration blog post)

Reduced # of professional school librarians nationally

Desire for educators/principals to value capacity of school librarians to impact students' learning and classroom teachers teaching

Internal Driving Forces

Own outstanding experiences as a professional school librarian

Understanding of research related to the potential impact of school librarians on students' learning and teachers' teaching

External Restraining Forces

Lack of "education" - no understanding of school librarian's capacity
Other national/state/district/site-level priorities
(Examples: technology investments, technology/reading/instructional coaches

Declining budgets and increasing expenses

Internal Retraining Forces

Perception of "insiders" as biased advocates for school librarianship

Concern about responses from colleagues (example: What if a friend submitted a video that wasn't appropriate for the goal of the project?)