Storytelling Matters: Reach Out with Digital Advocacy Stories

Arizona Library Association Conference
4 November 2016

Presentation PowerPoint (.pdf files)


Digital Storytelling Tools
Follow this link to find brief descriptions of free Web 2.0 tools to use for digital advocacy storytelling.

Sample Process

Coteachers: Step Out of the Box - Together! A sample advocacy video from inception to final product

References/Resources for Advocacy Storytelling

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StoryCenter (formerly Center for Digital Storytelling)

Word Cloud. 2016.

Sample Professional PSAs

Message (One-sentence Theme)
Target Audience(s)
2016 Summit Award
Every Child Ready to Read® helps parents prepare their children for reading readiness.
All Library Stakeholders
ASAE Power of A Awards

Introducing the Coconino County Bookmobile
The Coconino County bookmobile has resources that meet the diverse needs of the community it serves.
Rural Library Stakeholders
Shared by session participant Claudine Randazzo

Library Card PSA - Forbes Library
The public library offers a wide variety of services for patrons of all ages.
All Possible Library Users
Jason & Steven

Promoting Your School Library
School libraries led by professional school librarians transform learning.
All Library Stakeholders
Australia Library and Information Association

Selected Sample Home-made Digital Stories

Public Libraries

Message (One-sentence Theme)
Target Audience(s)
Did You Know that Children's Literacy Starts @your library®?
When public librarians teach parents how to help their children develop early literacy skills through story time, songs, and interactive play, literacy rises and all parties benefit.
New Parents, Spanish-speaking Immigrant Parents and Older Siblings
Rolando Ramirez

Families that Read Together, Succeed Together @ Your Library®
Family literacy is the key to a child's success and is important for their continual growth.
Parents/caregivers of Children under Five
April Zuniga

Global Exploration is Just Around the Corner
The public library encourages children to learn and practice empathy and compassion by encouraging curiosity, understanding, and respect for diversity in cultural and ethnic values as evidenced by materials, services, and programming.
Amy Seto Forrester

Partners in Preparing Children 4 School @ Your Library®
Public libraries prepare young children for school by engaging them in programs, activities and technology.
Parents of Pre-Kindergarten Children
Elena Baeza

Share the Magic
When libraries embrace educational media as part of their outreach efforts, they can take their role as educators directly into people's homes.
Practicing Librarians and Parents of Young Children
Kerol Harrod

You Are Due for a Checkout
When parents feel comfortable getting a library card and accessing programs, services, and materials, children will benefit educationally.
Potential Library-user Parents
Deborah Carter

School Libraries

Message (One-sentence Theme)
Target Audience(s)
Bendy, Twisty Flexible Scheduling
When school librarians are allowed to have a flexible schedule, collaboration between teachers, librarians, and administrators can lead to coteaching, meeting reading goals, and increased student achievement.
Elementary Classroom Teachers and Principals
Roger Grape

Building Bridges Through Collaboration @Your Library®
When teachers and librarians collaborate together using the specialized tools of their training, they promote a sense of community, increase student learning, and encourage the development of 21st-century skills.
Classroom Teachers
School Librarians
Lauren Scott

Coteach Technology @yourlibrary® 4 Lifelong Learning
Technology integration in the classroom instruction enhances learning and promotes lifelong learning skills.
Elementary Classroom Teachers and Principals
Maricela Silva

Coteachers: Step Out of the Box - Together!
Educators are more effective when they coteach.
Classroom Teachers
School Librarians
Judi Moreillon

Library Without Limits
Pinnacle Studio (iPad App
(not Free)
The library is your student's gateway to a world of information for research and recreation and it's available 24/7!
Parents of K-5 Students
David Jureka

School Librarians Are... Administrators' Partners for Success
School librarians who coteach with classroom teachers can help principals achieve their goals.
Judi Moreillon